London Marathon for IWA

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London Marathon for IWA

Preparing in my home town of Grenoble, France, to run my first ever marathon for the Inland Waterways Association, a registered charity.

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Painfully slow recovery

Guys, please reassure me: this hamstring will end up repairing and letting me run without having to stop after 5 or 6 km? I was going last night for this circuit that takes me along the bank of the river Isère through the campus, taking it gently as ins...

Good start - pulled a hamstring!

Well it wasn't really the start. I'd run a few times, up to 20km, along the Isère and the Drac and round the hill at Claix (18km), but then I started training with a group from Grenoble City offices, serious runners who go racing. On a cold day, I did a...