I can't run, but I have to do something!

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I can't run, but I have to do something!

I am a bit of a disaster, me. I am officially blind, due to a 'Traumatic Brain Injury' that I received in 2005, falling off my bike (*with* a helmet on - it could have been far worse!).

I currently have an injured hip, so I can't run. :-(

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Well, not THAT gently. I was at home today, with nothing much to do. mr Flump wanted to go down to the supermarket, and I didn't have abny reason to walk to the shops in town. But still, I wanted to hit my 20,000 step Fitbit target, so I went out for 2 ...


This morning, I got up fairly early, caught an early train to work, and went straight to the gym. I did 15 minutes, fairly hard, on the bike, and then 15 minutes on the slippy-slidey thing. I knew I had a busy morning, sorting out exam marks, so I then ...


My plan for this afternoon/evening: 1) Do some cycling, while watching a DVD of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. That was fine, I made sure I was cycling hard, and doing dumbell lifts, as well, so I knew I was not just exercising my legs. So, 45 minutes, fa...

That was a good day!

This morning was just normal work, but then this afternoon I had a work meeting at another university. It is a mile and a half from the train station, up a fairly serious hill. The old me would have: a) Got the bus from the train station to work, this ...

Busy, busy, busy.

I had a good day, today. I got up early this morning, and I was picked up by a lovely lady who I 'met' on my little town's Facebook page. I moaned that the buses have stoped going up to the new-ish sports centre, up by the river. She said "Well, I go up...