A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step

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A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single...

I haven't run and blogged regularly on here since 2008. I wasn't even sure if I would be able to do this task but 20 days in and I'm 20 runs in 20 days (100k) and I'm ready to start blogging and admitting what I'm up to to other runners. I'm sure plenty of people will tell me I'm doing it wrong or try to give me friendly advice to give up now but I want to complete this for me, but also to inspire others. So here goes:

On Saturday 28th May my brother ran his 150th consecutive 5k. He started in January and originally planned to do a month but kept it going till the day before he got married and explained to me how much it had improved his all around fitness, his health, his weight and everything. Now I'd love to say I'm not competitive but I used this as an incentive to start running again myself. Through marriage and work and idleness of my 30s I'd allowed myself to get to 252 lbs, unfit and, despite still playing football and playing part of the season of football I was not happy witht he continuous yo-yoing of my health and the 'tomorrow' mentality I had to fixing it. So I started running everyday, partly as an 'I'll do 151, that'll show him but then, as I've got back into it, that changed to more as a challenge mentally and physically to me. I want to see where the challenge can get me to and what I can do. 

I am inspired by the words of Chinese philosopher Laozi (not, as is often misquoted, Confucius, although he does have an awful lot of good stuff to say) and as I have got to the 3 week mark I formed a plan to see if I could run 1000 miles (or 1600km) by running (or occasionally walking if legs required it) a minimum of 5k everyday.

Feel free to follow, to comment or just read, if I can inspire anyone or get inspired by anyone then my blog is worthwhile.

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