My Failures and Success in Weight Loss

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My Failures and Success in Weight Loss

Today my scales showed me I had completed my goal and lost 120 pounds of excessive weight. It took me a year, but I regret nothing, as the results are better than ever!

I viewed and studied a plenty of weight loss websites, read tons of articles, blogs and reviews. Nearly all of them mentioned the need of regular physical exercising, combined with dieting. As I was lazy, I thought dieting would be enough to get the job done.

I tried to start dieting and tried it several times with nearly the same exodus. I decided to exclude some product from my ration or to replace it with some other food. As a result, all I wanted to eat was the product I excluded. After some week or two of fruitless struggle I lost control, ate a plenty of the forbidden food, and gained back all the weight I lost. Failures like this pursued me for nearly half a year and I lost only 10 pounds after all.

Then I understood that physical routine is necessary and tried to concentrate my efforts on it. From all the activities I could do, I chose swimming as it was a hot summer and an idea of attending to community pool on a regular basis was much more attractive than a possibility of running in circles and sweating all over under the hot sun or exhausting in a hot and sweaty gym.

The idea was not bad, but swimming did not result in any significant weight loss. However, it gave me two important results: I trained my arms muscles a lot and met Sarah. She was a young and slim girl, desperately willing to swim, yet learning to do it. I told her some tricks, which helped her in achieving her goal a lot, so she finally learned to swim.

We became friends meanwhile and as a sign of gratitude, she offered me to spend a day in our National Park with a company of her friends. We were supposed to make some photos, cook barbeque and have fun. I agreed and the day started wonderful, we found a nice spot near a lake, barbeque was on its way, we played Frisbee and badminton and all was fine, until one of the girls suggested to go swim.

They thought Sarah couldn’t swim and would finish the barbeque while they will be swimming. It was a big surprise for them when she said she will swim too and did it perfectly. I was nearby to help her if need be and she was very confident. All was fine until I eventually heard one of her friends whispering to her that I was a cool person, too bad I was so fat. Sarah was ashamed for me and that ruined the whole day.

That day I decided to lose weight fast and for good, so Sarah would never be ashamed of my body again.

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