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This time its personal

Ok, so this time its personal.

Last year I completed the Bupa 10km. That is all I can say - completed. It wasn't through lack of training or fitness, it was down to my bloomin' Parkinson's disease.

This year, in May, I'm going to smash it. I am not going to be overtaken by the dustman cleaning the road, and there will be more than 5 people cheering me on. The samba band will also not be packing up, about to go home. And my wife won't be wondering where I've gone (I bet he's nipped into a pub!).

I wasn't in the pub, my foot had twisted resulting in pain due to my Parkinson's disease (Dystonia), and this was happening every 10 minutes. It was a slow day. 

This blog is simply going to be about how I am going to smash it. Oh and how in the process I am going to lose some weight (a lovely 13.7st), and raise some dosh for the Cure Parkinson's Trust.  

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