Hope Mountain Runner Rides Again

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Rob Barber


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Hope Mountain Runner Rides Again

I thought maybe my running days were done. Turns out they're not. 

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Volunteering for 2012

Sounds simple enough, but bloody hell ! The application process is that long winded the bloody Olympics will have been and gone by the time I finish filling the form in ! Well, maybe not quite that bad, but I can't progress it any further without tellin...

A Good Weekend.

Yes. That is what it was. A pleasant relaxing morning on Saturday. A good afternoon / early evening with my daughter. A quite comical shopping trip for some drainage pipes with my dad and my brother. A lovely early evening with Phoebe too (discovered my...

Job Done!!

At long last, my PT case study is finished and handed in. Of course being me, things did not go smoothly, "simply attach it to an e-mail marked PTCaseStudy with your name and date of completion, and e-mail to..." they said. Sounds good but the bloody th...

A Hard Slog...

...is the only way to describe this weekend. Been almost the entire weekend trudging through the monotony of writing up 12 weeks worth of Personal Training for my case study. Almost finished now, just afew t's to cross and i's to dot. Thank heavens I ca...

Catching Up

It feels like there is a hell of a lot to catch up on too. There is!! My Personal Trainer case study being the most important thing to catch up on, I've got a week to get the thing written up and handed in, better get busy. Better just get myself in the...