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London Marathon

Hi everyone,

Im new to this blogging lark but i thought i would give it a go.

Its been a month since the London Marathon and its given me some time to reflect on what was probably the greatest sporting event i have or will ever take part in. Since i was youngster i always wanted to be one of those runners setting off down Greenwich and finishing in the Mall. I used to love watching the whole build up to the race, listening to peoples stories and watching the race unfold.

After completing my first marathon in Edingburgh last year in 2hr 52min, i began training for London. I joined Ipswich Jaffa running club and competed in 5k, 10k, 10mile, 20mile and Half Marathon Races to prepare for the 26.2.

I worked on a 16 week training program and was fortunate that i stayed injury free for the majority despite the odd sore calf. I believe the key to this was sticking to the program and avoiding the temptation to do that extra couple of miles and also ensuring that i took enough rest. I always took 1 rest day per week and sometimes 2. My base mileage started at around 40 miles per week and went up to a max of 70 on my biggest week before a 3 week taper.

After running on tired legs for the majority of my training i began to feel stronger as the final week of the taper was complete and went into the race feeling fitter than i ever have. On the day of the race i was intent that i was going to give it 100% effort and enjoy the whole experience as much as i could.

As i sat in the holding area i got chatting to a couple of chaps from Braintree, Stuart and Gavin. It was nice to sit and relax and enjoy the occasion with some fellow runners who were also hoping to PB.

As we went on to the start line i felt a rush of excitement and couldnt wait to get going. We all observed a very poignant silence in honour of the victims of the Boston Bombings and then it was race time! The gun went and we were off. I ran the first 6 miles with a club mate, Warren Birch and felt very relaxed. The pace was seemed very comfortable and i was so amazed by the atmosphere and support all the way around the course. Seeing friends and family around the course gave me a massive rush.I wasnt really thinking about the mileage through the first 20 miles as i was enjoying the whole occasion so much. I also avoided the temptation to run faster than what i had planned and stuck to my own pace and ran my own race. I didnt panic if someone came past me and didnt get carried away trying to catch the group ahead.

As i approached mille 22 i saw my family for the 2nd time. At this point i felt quite emotional. It was also the moment when i started to realise that i was well on my to the finish and the pace was still feeling comfortable on not forced.

As i went through mile 23, i got a massive boost of adrenaline. This is because it was right near our hotel and i had stood looking at that 23 sign the day before thinking that if i could get to this point of the race in good shape i stood a good chance of getting the time i wanted.

By mile 24 i could feel my right calf tighten slightly but not so much to cause any problems. I managed to get a bottle of Lucozade Sport to get some electrolyte into my system to try and prevent the calf from cramping up. As neared the top of Birdcage walk i began to get a slight bit of cramp in the calf. I began to stop flexing and extending from the ankle and managed to keep close to my goal pace.

As i came round the corner to the finish i knew that i had beat my target. I was absolutley delighted. After months of training in the wind, rain and snow, the sun had shone and the crowds came out in their thousands. I finished in 2hours 43minutes.

After years of wanting to run the London Marathon i had finally done it and now i know why they say its the best marathon in the world.

Thanks for reading.



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