Marika's running the London Marathon 2013

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Marika's running the London Marathon 2013

I plan to write regular updates of my training for the 2013 London marathon to show my friends and family what I'm up to. And to ensure I raise the money I need to for the Cardiomyopathy Association! This is very important to me...

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Training in full flow now.....

Hi all Well the training has taken off.. despite a small hiccup in the form of ITBS!!! So I am now in the realm of athletes! With foam rollers, hip exercises and hopefully no recurrence of the pain I experienced! I could not imagine anything worse than ...

And so it begins.....

It begins... cross-training.. an hour of Zumba toning!! I think I have broken my foot..tho not from Zumba!! I think it's just running...OK I haven't broken my foot..I'm just recovering from my first half marathon!!