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Autumn 2018 to Spring 2019 Activity

I hope my regular readers & followers on Realbuzz manage to find my new blog, with the London Marathon over 4 months gone now I'm thinking about what's next. The running will continue as before, with at least 2 lunchtime short runs (2.6 miles) during the working week and longer sessions on Sundays, down on the Sussex coast.

I have booked a number of events, the Richmond Park HM (Nov 18), Tadworth 10 (Jan 19) & the Vitality London HM (March 19). I'm thinking I'll do the London 10K in May 19, awaiting the entry form to open.

Also I'm giving the "Plank" challenge a go from tomorrow, 30 days of hell to come I'm sure!!

Finally, if some of the people that were so supportive do find this new chat fest, thank you, great you're still with me & can you tell me how I can follow any blogs you do as I'm technically useless & don't know how? Thank you.

All the best with all the various training regimes your all doing, & for any London Marathon hopefuls for 2019!

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Annoyingly work was very busy last week and my usual lunchtime runs were scuppered! Yes, I know, no self discipline & maybe you're all right., expecially as my next event is only a month & a half away. I'll get my act together this week, promise...

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Getting myself into a more training mood now, with a lunch time 2.5 miles & a 5 mile run today down in Seaford. It was a beautiful day for it, my run route is along the Seaford sea front & the sea was like a mill pond. The only downside about ru...

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Not too much action to report for the week just gone, but I have kept the plank challenge going. Up to 45 seconds so far, it'll be harder next week. Will start my training routine more strictly with 2 months before the Richmond Park HM in late November....