Tim's Running London 2020!

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Tim Munday


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Tim's Running London 2020!

Fulfilling a personal ambition to run the London Marathon, courtesy of the very fine people at Macmillan Cancer Support!

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And we're off! Northampton HM...

The weather prediction was awful; torrential rain, the BBC promised me!  Thank goodness they were wrong, if only by a critical few hours. This run was my first milestone towards London 2020. I haven't run a half marathon for quite a few years, so I didn...

7 Months to London

In 2020, I'll be sixty.   Thank you, no, I can't believe it either, but it's true.   And I've wanted to run the London Marathon for years. In a previous life, I was part of the logistics operation that supported the marathon and, believe me, that was ...