The year is over on races,but not on training

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The year is over on races,but not on training

2019 is over on races for me,but not in training. why ? Because 2020 is around the corner & I have a not of training to put in. after running the Brighton half marathon in 2 hours & 10 mins , the Brighton marathon weekend #BM10K in 52 mins. I have a lot of work to put in for a sub 1 hour 55 & sub50. 5Ks are in about 25 mins so that's not too bad. I have entered for the London ballot so fingers crossed for that too.

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yea I went out for a run to test the water, started slow & yes after a cold & rest,the legs were like jelly. But as the run went on I started to get stronger and the enjoyment came back.not sure if that was something to do with the sunshine. I made sure...