A Rubbish Runner Gets Ready for 2016

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A Rubbish Runner Gets Ready for 2016

I'm nearly 55;  I'm "gym fit"  (ie, I go to the gym, wear trendy clothes and do the odd Body Bump and yoga class) and I've tried to run dozens of times over the past few years but never got beyond 5k.

My husband is a veteran of 27+ marathons and a member of a running club so you would think I get plenty of advice.

But running is a very private activity to me: I don't enjoy it (yet) but somehow I want to get through the London Marathon so I can finish something I started. Surely anyone can run a marathon if they get disciplined about training?

I've told my husband and his running club pals that yes I did get a place for next year but I'm going to defer it. In the meantime, I am forcing my unwilling limbs into starting to train. Follow my...er....that awful word....Journey.

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