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Carmen's Plodathon

My last overview was heavily looking back at the past, so this time I am looking to the future.  I sort of have my long term goals mapped out, but need to plan a few intermediate events leading up to it.  To date, it goes like this:

12th June 2010 - South Downs Relay - leg 2 completed in 55:30

19th June 2010 - 3mile and 1 mile swim race in the BLDSA Champion of Champions event at Dover - awaiting results... estimated 1:51 and 36 min, no wetsuit

23rd June 2010 - Bournemouth Aquathon - completed in 1:09:33, no wetsuit

26th June 2010 - Arun River Swim - completed in 1:04:56 with wetsuit

3rd July 2010 - English Channel Relay Qualifier - 2 hours in the sea at below 16°C

4th July 2010 - Lake Windermere Qualifier - 5.5 miles swum in 3 hours

6th July 2010 - Stroke and Stride - 500m sea swim in 22:23, 5k run in 27:51

7th July 2010 - Promenade 5k - completed in 27:16

11th July 2010 - New Forest 10 - completed in 1:46:19

18th July 2010 - Calshot Beach Open Water Swim - 2k completed in 47:16

20th July 2010 - Stroke and Stride - DNS, stomach upset

21st July 2010 - Bournemouth Aquathon - DNS, stomach upset

31st July 2010 - Mini Stroke and Stride - Awaiting results

4th August 2010 - Promenade 5k - DNS, cold affecting breathing

8th August 2010 - Sandown to Shanklin swim - completed in 37:50

12-13th August 2010 - English Channel Relay - completed in 14 hours 38 minutes

22nd August 2010 - Southampton Fast Twitch Triathlon - completed in 1:32:52, splits: 6:44, 55:46 and 30:22

1st Sep 2010- Promenade 5k - DNS, exhausted

4th September 2010 - Lake Windermere 10.5 mile swim - Cancelled

19th Sep 2010 - The Slog - First real off road race, completed in 2hr 36 min

3rd Oct 2010 - Clarendon Half Marathon - Completed in 2hr 57 min

10th Oct 2010 - Solent Half - completed in 2hr 16 min

18th Oct 2010 - Abingdon Marathon - completed in 4hr 48 min

24th Oct 2010 - Great South Run - completed in 1hr 39 min

7th Nov 2010 - Lordshill 10 - completed in 1hr 40min

21st Nov 2010 Gosport Half - completed in 2hr 18min

27th Dec 2010 - Pub 2 Pub - shortened route of 5 miles completed in 51:40

16th Jan 2011 - Stubbington 10K - completed in 57:53

5th Feb 2011 - Ryde 10 - completed in 1hr 39 min

19th Feb 2011 - Bramley 20 - completed in 3hr 27 min

11th March 2011 - Grizzly - DNF

27th March 2011 - Eastleigh 10k - DNS

9th April 2011 - Bath Beat - completed in 7hr 20 min in roasting heat

8th May 2011 - Alton 10 - DNF

15th May 2011 - Netley 10k - struggled around in 1:05

22nd May 2011 - Cheshire Sprint Tri - struggled around in 1:37

11th July 2011 - South Downs Marathon - Completed in 6:24

Summer 2011 - Trail marathon

Autumn 2011 - Road Marathon - Comrades Qualifier

Spring 2012 - Comrades

Spring 2012 - Olympic tri

Summer 2012 - English Channel 3 Person Relay

Summer 2013 - Solo Channel Crossing

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Not much swimming to report.  I had a medical scare (which is now all ok) but it meant that I had to keep out of the water for two weeks. On Sunday we did a repeat of the Botley to Burseldon swim down the Hamble, finishing at the pub.  Not much to repor...

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Friday I met up with a group of friends for the weekend.  We started off swimming in the Frome, followed by a pub dinner, lots of wine and very little sleep.  It was a lovely swim - the water was warm and the sun was out and there were plenty of people ...

BLDSA Champion of Champions

This weekend was the BLDSA Champion of Champions held in Dover Harbour, so technically I was in the Channel.  It consists of a 5 mile swim, followed by a 3 mile swim, followed by a 1 mile swim and you have to complete all three events.  The winner is ba...

Taper madness

On Saturday I have my first major swim event of the season - the BLDSA Champion of Champions.  The event consists of a 5 mile swim, followed by a 3 mile swim, followed by a 1 mile swim, all in Dover harbour. So this week I am supposed to be resting and ...

Two posts in a week!

Just a quick one as I am really excited.  Today the last of my relay team completed their qualifing swims, which means that all the pre-requisites have been met, all the paperwork completed, all the money paid and now we are just waiting for our window ...

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And once again another month has gone by and I haven't blogged.  What is my excuse this time?  Well, I'm not a very happy bunny at the moment with so much change going on in my life and I can't bring myself to write self indulgent posts. To be honest, a...

Bank Holiday madness

Sunday was swimming day. In the morning I was meeting up with a freind who wanted to swim in open water for the first time.  I've never swam with him before so had no idea what his ability way, although he sounded competent in the pool. Well, I needn't ...

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Been busy this week. Firstly, after Stratford I decided to look at why I had been feeling so rough and run down recently.  I decided to start logging my food again and discovered that once again I am not eating enough.  I seem to go through this every t...

Stratford Marathon - not

It's taken me a few days to get over the trauma that was the Stratford marathon and to be able to talk about it, so appologies for the delay. I orginally entered this even way back in October, and the following week I tore my calf.  Then, just as I was ...

H2Open Day

I did very little last week as it took me longer than I expected to recover from the previous week of busy social engagements.  Frustrating in a way, but also an eye opener as to how much I had abused my body.  I slept an awful lot and had very little e...

Moving on

I'm back.  Bumping into the RealBuzz people at VLM Expo has given me the push I needed to get back to blogging again. January, February, March and April have been real up and down months.  I've had some spectacular times and some real low points too. Th...

Best intentions

January started with good intentions, but has gone downhill.  After Stubbington my achiles was quite sore so I took three days off from running, and then life got in the way with me spending most of a week helping with emergency decoration of a friends ...

It's slowly coming back

Last week was the first official week of being back into training.  Prior to that I had been doing some exercise to ease me back in, but nothing I would call a proper training session - up to 30 min swims, up to 3 miles runs and a few strength sessions ...

Christmas round up.

The run up to Christmas was hectic and although I was constantly on the go, I didn't get much exercise in.  Christmas was spent travelling around all of the relatives, but at least I don't have to see any of them again for a few months.  Much as I like ...

And now another injury ot add...

The physio was pleased with the recovery of my bicep yesterday, but I still don't have comfortable full movement of my arm, so she investigated further.  Diagnosis - the start of frozen shoulder.  Oh great. So now I have even more exercises to do.  I di...

At last some training to talk...

During my break from training I spent a lot of time getting to know people who were on the fringe of my social network.  In particular I have been more involved with the Outdoor Swimming Society and have been along to several of their social events and ...

What the future holds

Just before my break from blogging I posted my major goals for the next couple of years.  I've had to take a sanity check on some of them and heres why. I will no longer be running Comrades in 2012.  I put a lot of thought into it and decided that now i...

And now for a training round up

And the round up is... zilch. Well, maybe not quite, but I've not been doing a lot. At the beginning of October I ran the Solent Half.  This is my favourite local race and I aim to do it every year.  Lovely marshals, beautiful scenery, and early enough ...

And what else has been happen...

Apart from coming to terms with giving up work, Hubby's health has also taken a turn for the worst.  I need to be a bit careful about what I say as it's pesonal to him but he doesn't mind the general stuff being talked about. Some of you might remember ...

Oh dear what can the matter be

I've been absent for a long time and a lot has happened.  I'm not really sure where to start and how much I should post on a public forum.  But you can thank RB for getting the notifications fixed as it has made me realise that I am blocking out one sou...

Future plans

It looks like some of you have missed out on my plans, or I've forgotten to tell anyone. I have three big challenges coming up: 1) In June 2012 I want to run Comrades - an ultra marathon in South Africa.  Entires are open and I need to make my mind up w...