Virgin London Marathon - no excuses now!!

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Virgin London Marathon - no excuses now!!

Hi All!!

Well it's about time I contributed something here after being in the wilderness for some time due to moving house.

In a nutshell I moved to Fleet, Hants in January. Had an acceptance for FLM 09, but due to so much needing doing to my new abode (and still much more if the  missus has anything to do with it!!), I carried forward my entry to next year, by which time majority (wishful thinking!) of DIY will be done allowing me to escape to the roads a bit more regularly. I simply couldn't dedicate the time to proper training, so hence the carry forward. (I don't like doing things half-arsed).

Well, I've been out with Hart Road runners a couple of times (great bunch of people who do a good variety of runs and also like a beer!!) and put in some of my own, so no excuses now for thist year (provided injury free of course).

Thanks in advance - great reading your blogs. Inspirational to a novice like me!!

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