New year New Challenges

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New year New Challenges

This year has started out with a new job and new event challenges,

new years day saw me joining 700 other mad people brave the cold water of Stokes Bay in Gosport for the yearly new years day swim, ended up going in twice due to my grandson saying nanna i didnt see you in the water.

I've been doing bits of swim and gym work inreadiness of this years events, not only am i running but this year i have got some Aquathlon events entered. (these are a first for me).

Monday 6th Jan had me following a beginners swim program, 400m warm up, 8x25m moderate pace, 2x75m steady pace, 4x25m moderate pace 200m cool down. This was then followed with a gym workout of legs, calves and core.

The plan was then on Thursday to do day 2 of the swim program, but due to life/work commitments this will now be done on Saturday after park run.

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New year new challenge

Today i picked up my training, with only 4 weeks to go until my Aquathlon, So today had me doing 400m warm up easy, 8x25m modarate pace, with 30sec rest, 2x75m steady with 45sec rest, 4x25m steady but i did fastish with 40sec rest, 200m cool down, I  t...

New Year New Challange

Yesterday 03/02 saw me back down the pool, with training program in hand, 200m warm up with 15sec rest each 25m 8x25 at modarate pace with 30sec rest each 25m, 2x100 at steady pace with 15sec rest each 100, 4x25m at modarate pace with 15sec rest each 25...

New year New challenge

Saturday 26th saw me doing my first event of the year, wasn't sure how things would go as the week before I had gone flying through the air resulting in a sprained ankle, spent all week making sure that it was looked after, the morning started with the ...