Running marathons; Reading marathons; my life in the Arctic

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Mika Laiho


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Running marathons; Reading marathons; my life in the Arctic

First thing to say is WOW, cool - a scrapbook (NEW) it says... that will be interesting to post things to.Well then I should say a bit about myself and the title of this blog. I love running, so I do regular marathons, at least one or two a year, the last one was in Abu Dhabi actually (somewhat exotic), and my times are ok - nothing elite or anything, but good.On the other hand, I'm researching EU-Arctic affairs for my Ph.D. in the Arctic, where I live, and right now I'm trying to stay in shape but running in -27c at the mo is a challenge of sorts. Generally I'm also reading a lot - you could call this a marathon too.So that's the blog :) If you want to know more about me, look at the INTERESTS section of my profile.

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Oulu Half Marathon and Stockh...

Well Well Well, what a rush!?I mean the Oulu half marathon was in bag after my mate ran 34km with me during my stay in Berlin with him... nice course around the city, worth doing again, and the weather was HOT ...Time of Oulu half marathon: 1.41 or som...


so how does this thing work? it's now 00:25 GMT+2...