Brighton Marathon in aid of SERV

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Mark Bennett


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Brighton Marathon in aid of SERV

This blog is in short my 12 week training plan and rant about getting fit to run the Brighton Marathon in aid of the charity SERV. 

In the past I have run 5 Marathons 3 Edinburgh and 2 London, with many half marathons along the way...

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1 Week Down 11 To Go!!!

One week into my 12 week count down to the Brighton Marathon and training is going OK... Since starting training I have ben to the gym most lunch times and been for 3 road runs, not bad considering I ahven't hit the pavement for a long time, probably si...

2 days in one, Not Really!!!

I didn't manage to sit down and add my notes yesterday so here are my 2 days in one post:   Day 3 Didn't manage to get out on the road, although did get to the gym at lunch for a very short work out. Excuses aside, the family and I have the cold going r...

Day 2 of Training - If you ca...

Back to work and things take time.  managed to get to the gym at lunch and spent 10 minutes on the bike level 8, then spend 15 minutes stretching and 5 minutes in the sauna. A very easy day although I want to make sure things progress slow and steady th...

Day 1 of a 12 week count-down

Before I start I know I have left it late to start training for a Marathon. I have run 5 marathons in the past and finished them all anywhere between 4.21 - 6.00.  The last one was completed in 4.59 so not my worst time although that was 2 years ago. I ...