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Nick Trueman


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Nick is Beacon’s marathon man

Twelve-times marathon runner, including London in 2015 and two memorable visits to Snowdonia. Still chasing that elusive sub-4 hour time!

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Brand on the run

My mind began to wander during a recent long run (inevitable when you start hitting 90 minutes plus!) and I started to think about how much kit appears to be involved in semi-serious training.   In theory to go for a run you need a half decent pair of s...

But I don’t WANT to

Got children?  Then this expression will undoubtedly be familiar to you.  Even if you haven’t, most of us will have bellowed something very similar in our own youthful years when presented with a task or instruction we’d rather not carry out.   I did a ...

Mister blister

Fortunately in my running career to date I’ve been able to avoid any unpleasant injuries.  Can you hear that knocking sound?  It’s me touching wood repeatedly so that this trend isn’t broken before London!   The only issues I have encountered are planta...

Man with a plan

If the marathon is a serious challenge then it makes sense to take the training seriously as well.   I’m comfortable running up to half marathon distance and usually try to get out two or three times a week just for general fitness.  It always surprises...

The road to London

There’s a reason why I don’t bother with the lottery any more.  I have an unenviable track record of never winning anything, be it prize draws, raffles, competitions…and now I can add ballots to the list!   Like countless others, I stayed up late, shout...

Couch to 42.2k

OK, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration but it is true to say that my ‘marathon journey’ will be taking me to new distances and levels of endurance that I’ve not had to square up to in my running career to date.   I used to run as a kid.  My brother wa...