Another Brick In The Wall

Posted on: 26 Jun 2015

Bricking It

Every cloud has a silver lining they. The great irony was that two Wednesday's back, the day that I "hit the (brick) wall", was also the day that I took delivery of my new exercise bike. As I left work that Wednesday I told the chaps I was off to pick it up. And so when I phoned up on Thursday to tell them I'd "fallen off the bike and hurt my arm" they were apparently a bit surprised, assuming that it was the exercise bike that I'd fallen off and that I'd lacerated my arm within the comfort of my own living room.

I had been dipping into the half iron man's bible – Iron Fit Secrets (for Half Iron-Distance Triathlon Success) by Don and Melanie Fink. Don and Mel had told me about the importance of maximising the usage of the time available. So don't sit just down on the sofa catching up with Wolf Hall and numerous re-runs of "The Big Bang Theory" when you could be peddling away simultaneously.

I looked into buying rollers (for the bike – not my hair – really wouldn't have been much point in that) but since my handyman capabilities do not stretch far beyond use of the common screwdriver, it all seemed a bit too much hassle. Anyway, my work colleague Chris had told the story of an acquintance whose bike had escaped that particular captivity giving his wife one hell of a fright as he (and his bicycle) shot across the his living room.

And so last week, with swimming definitely not on the agenda, and being in no rush to get back out on the road bike with my damaged arm, the exercise bike was a godsend. But clearly I couldn't afford to stay off the road bike for too long. On the Monday I rode it (gingerly) to work, because I'd arranged to take it to the local bike doctor for it's free checkup, and also to inspect for signs of damage. Since then I've been riding my other bike to work. And last Wednesday decided I really should venture back out with the road bike again for an hour or so. As they say, I was bricking it.

But also Don and Mel have been extolling the virtues of the "brick run". I'd heard iron man Mark talking about this post parkrun one week. I initially assumed (naturally) that it was some new extreme sport requiring a hod (having occupied the position of official family ironer for nigh on twenty years I always rather liked the sound of "extreme ironing"). So maybe last Wednesday a chance to properly brick it, and to follow the bike session with a run around the Rodwell Trail (much safer than biking on the Rodwell Trail).

But then it occured to me that all my gear was in the wash, and so far I'd been too lazy to hang it out to dry. In short it was all still wringing wet. And so the proper bike ride was out and instead I did a fairly hard hour's peddling back in the comfort of my own living room, before settng out to run the whole of the Rodwell Trail, in both directions (about 8 km). In the end I was once again scuppered by the call of the unschedued "comfort stop". But I still manged a pretty decent 6 km run. Definitely an exercise to be repeated.

Maratón Valencia Bloguer

As official #Valenciamarathonbloguer on behalf of ReinoUnido, the preparations are moving along apace. I'd already got the flights booked and now have booked accomodation. I decided to rerun the model that worked so well in Paris and to book a (stylish) apartment (in great location) using airbnb. It was just so handy in Paris to be able to come and go as I pleased, and to make sure I had all the right things that I wanted to eat and at the right times. And also I'm hoping that my two (lovely) daughters, Madeleine and Anneliese, will join me in Spain, so by booking an apartment we have the flexibility of having accomodation for however many need it.

To date my only visits to Spain have been a couple of beach holidays in Majorca (after M & A formed a deputation at the end of another wet caravan holiday in Cornwall and implored us to let them have a "proper holiday" next year). Valencia looks like an amazing city to visit and it occured to me that I could (as we say over here) maybe "kill two birds with one stone" (or should that be "dos pájaros de un tiro") and visit another great city, Barcelona.



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