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Posted on: 08 Apr 2016

Well just a quick update. Friday – the day I plan to travel to Manchester. Everything is incredibly well organised ;-) Not a spot of packing done yet – but we buckle down, and it's soon done. As some will know I am particularly susceptible to the power of suggestion. Hence my original plan was to head off to the Oasis and join the the Friday morning swim club.


But for once common sense prevails and instead I decide that it makes much more sense to just go for coffee and forego the swim. Here are some of my lovely friends :-) awaiting their well earned breakfast – special mention for Mrs Kim Fudge – 50 years young yesterday?!? ;-) - there are photos to prove it!


And then commences one of the worst car journeys of my life. I guessed that the final Friday of the school holidays might not be the best day to hie oooop north - up the M5 and the M6. And I wasn't disappointed. 4 hrs something google maps said. In the event it wasn't far off twice that! But at least I did better than my skittling friend James who has decided to return to his home city to combine a family visit with performing the role of marathon supporter. He was running a few hours behind me. The last I heard the motorway was on fire and he was the wrong side of it.

So I checked in to the Manchester Campanile. Enough time to check out my route to the start Sunday. The plan is to go from Cornbrook metrolink station. So lets work out how to get there and also buy a weekend ticket. A quick check of google maps suggested a scenic route via the Bridgewater Canal tow path. I always imagined the Bridgewater Canal went through Bridgewater (ironically scene of today's first horrific traffic jam). Now I learn (from wikipedia so it must be right) that it was commissioned by the Marquis of Bridgewater and "is connected to the Manchester Ship Canal via a lock at Cornbrook; to the Rochdale Canal in Manchester; to the Trent and Mersey Canal at Preston Brook, southeast of Runcorn; and to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Leigh".


I head of down the towpath, which looks like a nice place for a run. But it seems to be taking an age to get to that station. And then I sight this dreadful place ;-) I believe some call it "the theatre of dreams". Damn – somehow missed Cornbrook completely. Well at least there's a station there (Pomona) so I can buy my ticket and catch a tram back to Cornbrook. Yes – I have selected the weekend travel pass – now just insert the credit card and Bob's my uncle. It soon becomes obvious that this machine is not doing credit card transactions today – bugger – just have to try the other machine – just got time before the tram arrives.


Doh – soon becomes clear that the other machine is not doing any transactions – just have time to use cash in the first machine - £5.80 to pay – have to insert a £20 and get change. I wait expectantly for a £10 note to appear – WRONG – reminds of the time I once won the jackpot on the fruit machine as 14 * £1 coins (plus a couple of 10 pences) come cascading out. Couldn't resist this little musical choice ;-)

Brass In Pocket

Tomorrow hopefully find my way to Worsley Woods parkrun for a very easy final litte 5k.

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