It's All About The Run Stupid

Posted on: 28 Mar 2015

I've harped on enough about the differences between last year's marathon and this year's marathon. Last year's was almost Damascene. Something of a life changer. The most intensive ten months of my life. Huge pressure. Boldly going where no me had gone before. The run. The fundraising. The web-site. It was meat and drink. I ate and slept it. I dreamed about it. The blog, the emails, the tweets. The local papers. The local radio. And when out on long runs the time flew by. Trance like. Suddenly become aware of you surroundings and realise you have been running for an hour. Sing to yourself. For my chosen charity. Supporting children and young people with cancer and leukaemia. "I believe that children are the future". And so I stumbled across my mantra. "Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all".

Then this year it was all so different. Straight after Christmas and give yourself a good talking too. Find a plan - follow the plan. Now I'm not one of those people that listen to music when out running. If I ever needed music it was all there inside my head. But dare I say it there have been times this year when I would venture to say it's started to get a bit boring. And I was given some proper running headphones at Christmas. So a few weeks back I ventured out for the first time, into the wind and rain of a 20 Sunday miler, with music. But not for me a bespoke playlist. I quickly set up the music player app to play random choices from my entire music collection. If ever I needed convincing that there's plenty of serious shite in my music collection that was it.

So I moved on to (IMHO the greatest musical in the history of musicals) Les Miserables, it being just about the longest album in the collection. And then, this Thursday on to (IMHO the greatest album in the history of albums) Quadrophenia. And it happened. "Laugh and say I'm green – I've seen things you've never seen". Lost in thought. I've just run up the longest and steepest hill and didn't even realise I'd done it! Fondly thinking of lots of little things :-) (more of that next week). Things that will always remind me of Paris 2015. This year not the same pressure. The fundraising has largely taken care of itself. The website has largely taken care of itself. The plan said break four hours. And I've followed the plan. I may execute it on the day. I may not. To be honest I don't actually give a Donald Duck. But I have my new mantra.

"It's all about the run stupid"




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