Gym Session 4 - much better than last time

Posted on: 15 Aug 2012

Another 90mins in the gym this evening. After last time, I took the advice about foods/milk and also went a couple of hours earlier than usual. Something did the trick because I felt much more energetic and even managed to set a new PB on the 2000m rowing, finishing in 8:39.1min with the last 500m in 1:59min. Quite chuffed with that. Also had a go at trying to beat my 500m record later in the session but ran out of steam and finished in 1:56min (record is 1:45min).

So rowing, cycling and weights were all good. Upped my leg presses by another 10kg and my pull downs by 5kg. I had planned to give the treadmill a miss and let my ankles recover from last time, but I felt so good that I set off on a run, but stopped after 1km when the pain returned. 

Gym was boiling today. I got through about a bottle and a half of juice. I'm not a big fan of specialist sports drinks, so my favoured gym tipple is good old orange and pineapple barley water. What does everyone else prefer?

Spreadsheet notes from todays session were:

Started off with a 2000m row in a record 8:39.1min. Last 500m was in 1:59min. Cycled 10mins, taking it a little easier than last sessions. Did leg, back and stomach weights. Ankles felt ok so started off with a run but stopped after 1km when they started getting sore again. Will give them some more time to heal. Did shoulder weights then back to the rowing machine for about 1000m in total, split into 2 x 500m. Tried to beat my record over the last 500m but ran out of steam about 250m from the end, finishing in 1:56min. Much better session than last time.

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