Gym Session 6 - felt surprisingly good

Posted on: 12 Sep 2012

So, after a three week break due to the birth of daughter number 3, today I returned to the gym. I was expecting to feel very bad indeed but was prepared to tough it out, however I was pleased to find that I actually felt a lot better than expected. I guess the old saying "It takes three months to get fit and three weeks to lose it" isn't so true after all.

For starters, I broke my 1000m rowing record by a couple of seconds, finishing in 3:57min. Felt like I could have gone further at this pace but that would have meant losing the timings for the 1km. On the machine next to mine one of the fitter members of the gym was rowing at a decent pace so maybe that helped me keep my own pace high.

Weights felt ok. I dropped all the loads by a few kg compared to previous sessions. Felt fine apart from tight hamstrings on the leg presses.

Overall really happy to be back.

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