Let Me Through - I'm A Geographer

Posted on: 05 May 2014

We often hear the call for more doctors, mathematicians, engineers, teachers etc. In that light it is possibly not surprising that us geographers should develop self esteem issues and a bit of an inferiority complex. And as a defence mechanism our self-deprecating sense of humour would typically see us attempting to work our way through a crowd of people exclaiming "let me through - I'm a geographer". No one ever did.

Having fulfilled my dream to run the London Marathon, the second half of my running bucket list is to return to the great city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where I was awarded a drinking man's degree in Geography, in 1978, and to run to South Shields (otherwise known as the 2014 Great North Run), and in doing so to raise another £350 on behalf of my chosen charity, CLIC Sargent.

As a student I would never have dreamed of making such a journey without wheels (although I did once walk from Blyth to Bedlington at about 2AM one morning having missed the last bus back after a stag night). And now I'm doing it for fun. And since the running and the blogging and the charity fund-raising is to continue, it seemed that a brand new blog was called for to report my progress :-)


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