It's that time of year again...

Posted on: 01 Aug 2014

Hello all!

So, who remembers the Great Oggie Run of 2013?  That wonderful day when, all over the country, people donned the orange of NASS, so favoured by the inspirational Bolty, and walked, jogged and ran all across these great islands of ours.

The need for it to be repeated was obvious, and just a date, around the same time of year, was required.

And now the gods of running have spoken.  They have named the date.  It is to be 7 September 2014.  All over the country, Realbuzzers will get their daps on, find a trail/path/pavement/beach/whatever, and run and walk.  We will run for the love of running, we will run knowing that the baton is being passed from county to county, from hand to hand.

Some of us will run half marathons, some of us I am sure a lot further.  The key thing is, as last year, we do what we can, and we do it with pride!

Last year, you may recall that we were able to make a voluntary donation to NASS; as a charity it was chosen by Hollywood's dad, drawn out of a hat.  The suggestion has been that this year, a similar system runs, and that it is for the charity set up for Tania's godson, Louie.  He has a very rare condition, so rare that it can't even be allocated recognised charity status.  You can read more about it here;

The good news is, there's a link on that site enabling us to make a donation, so we're all systems go! Or you can use the link below;


Hopefully, we will also have our technical guru, Vin, onside like last year too; he set up a spreadsheet that we could all access, so that we could see where runs were happening.

So much to think about, folks, so much to look forward to.  I shall send a few of you the passwords etc. to upload onto this site as you want to; I'm off on my hols, you see.

See you on the 7th, in person or in spirit.


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