Something Special?

Posted on: 02 Aug 2014

Us 'Buzzer's.

We're a team, right?

As a collective, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, up and down the land on September 7th, it's all going to be for little Louie.

But what if we could really come together as a team? How special would that be? What great things could we actually manage to achieve then?

I know not everyone can make it, but what if we could gather together a team of 8 to do something spectacular, something above and beyond, something wonderful, on that first full weekend of September?

Imagine what we could do, 8 of us, spurring each other on, driving each other along, proppng each other up, working with each other, working for each other, inspiring, supporting, motivating, caring for, helping and pushing each other along, to do a great thing for a great little lad who has the grit and the guts to make him a star, even amongst us 'buzzers!

Whaddaya reckon?

The event I've seen is this one:

It takes place somewhere near Worcester (a reasonably central location me thinks), and is a medieval themed 24 hour race. As a team, we'd run laps (which can be done in any order, doesn't have to be take it in turns) of about 10k, though I notice the website now says 5.1 miles. Runners are allowed to do back to back laps if that suits the team best, the only rule really is that the team has a runner out on the course at all times.

Start is at 12pm Saturday, then it would be on through the night (head torch required) on a "well marked and marshalled, easily navigable and relatively flat" course marked with glowsticks, until the warm sunrise revives us all and breathes new life into our running toward the 12pm finish on Sunday.

How good is that Sunday dinner going to taste after that? How uplifting a post race medieval mead? Just imagine....

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