Achy breaky hip!

Posted on: 10 Jan 2013

Good morning all

Thanks to all for your advice given in my last blog,im a novice at marathon running and i need all the help i can get!

Ill answer a couple of questions asked, i dont follow a training plan as ive just followed on my training from the last couple of half marathons ive done,my plan was to run every sunday for 1 mile longer than the previous sunday!i was trying to get my body used to running 20-22 miles or so.

Its hard for me with my hip to run 2 times a week as it takes 4-5 days to calm down after a run.its a bit of a tough situation but just got to get on with it! ive found that being a muscly guy as soon as my body hits the wall and lactic acid shows its ugly head im in trouble! ive been at home after a run a few times watching my calf muscle eat itself lol!

I ran an 8 miler yesterday with not too much trouble(just hard to breath ref a cold and sore throat) as i need to take every chance i have to train.

It just seems that im running 8-10 miles shorter than i was before christmas and the marathon is getting closer!!


anyways have a great day and ill let you all know how my long run goes on sunday!


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