Exactly one month to go!! St Albans event details confirmed

Posted on: 08 Aug 2013

I ran out of space for the title - I had more to say!!!

St Albans event details confirmed here so come and join us!!!

Yes, I’ve made it just in time to say “Exactly one month guys and gals to the big day!”

The big news is that the St Albans route has been tested out this evening, tested as in it’s been run, timed and measured!!

The event test team led by Roxy of course, (she likes to run from the front!) Jane, Mandy and your scribe tonight, Marc!

Just waiting for Jane to send the link for the GPS and it’ll be available here very soon so you can get an idea of what’s in store for all you that are attending.

STOP THE PRESS!!!! email just arrived....

not sure this link works but here goes:


I'll tell you what though, it’s a great route for running whether human or dog!  Roxy even found some birds to chase in the park at the end.  She also had a canine pal called Poppy to run with, so maybe some other dogs might join in on the day?

I’ve had a look at Vin’s spreadsheet and the numbers are growing all the time – don’t hesitate, message Vin now and get your number now, dogs, cats whatever!!

Back to the St Albans run.. I think it was about 11k or so – GPS will confirm.  Meeting place has plenty of free (for now anyway but the council might change that between now and the day – I’ll keep an eye and let you know) car parking.

Roxy and Jane after the run set off to test out the post run refreshments at the Fighting Cocks Public House, I’ll leave it to them to post their review later!

So here is the information for the Great Oggie Run, St Albans event:

Day: 8th September (but you knew that already)

Time: 9.45am meet for 10.00am start

Place: Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, Holywell Hill, St Albans AL 2DJ

Meet:  The car park nearest the Athletics track ( turn off of Holywell Hill into the small road  past the Leisure Centre on your left until you reach the final car park)

By train:  St Albans Abbey station is two minute walk away, St Albans City station about 15 minute walk

Other stuff to do if you're not running:  Leisure centre, 9 hole golf course, lake with ducks and geese, kid's playground, outdoor gym, Roman museum

Here’s links to useful stuff:




That should cover most things for now, see you on the 8th and don't forget it's Orange day!




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