They're fab, they are...

Posted on: 08 Sep 2014

From the four corners of our land, and over in the emerald isle, they ran.  They ran, they walked, they planked, they press-up'd, they downed pints.  They did so in unity with their kindred spirits.  They did so with common cause.  As had been said before, they did so because they could, and they did so for those who couldn't.

Abovce all, the realbuzzers ran for Louie, and they ran to cherish the wonderful feeling of community that they share.  So many awesome deeds; there were the big races, the organised runs.  There were the personal ones, just out by themselves.  There were challenges met, gauntlets thrown down, accepted and then smashed.  There were awesome efforts by all buzzers.  Some of them blog a lot, some of them blog seldom, some are having a break from blogging.  But they'll always be buzzers, they'll all always share 'just a look.'

All of this was done in smurf-tastic blue, in honour of the young man himself, Louie.  He was there at St.Alban's, and what fantastic pictures they were too.  There are more to upload, of that we can be sure.  Splendid.

Oh, and they've raised close to a grand for the young lad.  Again, it's been said before, but it should be said again; sure, the internet can take you to the dark places, it can be a source of many horrible things.  But when you get a community like the realbuzzers, it can send you soaring to the heights, and it can confirm once and for all that humans are essentially, well, human.  They have an innate desire to get on with each other, to help those less fortunate than them, to inspire and be inspired.

So, as those photos were viewed, as tales of derring-do were told, as all of that humanity shone, many is the person who would have thought - 

"They're fab, they are."

And the "them" that is being so admired?  Well, that's us, that is.  We've left another indelible mark, just like we did last year, just like we will next year, and Lord knows how many times in between.

We're fab, we are.

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