York run

Posted on: 08 Sep 2013

We met at 10 in front of the minster in beautiful warm sunshine - a quick photo to document it ( will pst it tomorrow as I've left my camera down at the shop ) and we set off.

Just four of us running but that didn't matter as my running companions were such great company. There was myself, Alaiastair, Ali and Viv ( raring to go ). We set off through the city towards the river at a steady pace, Viv was only sticking with us for the first four miles and she wanted to run at around 9.30 pace before peeling off and completing another 3 miles solo as the rest of us headed off out the city. However we wave raged around 8.50 for those first 4 so well done Viv for running way under what she anticipated. 

After Viv left us Ali, Alaistair and myself pushed on a little quicker and followed the river path out of York for 6 miles or so before turning back and heading for home again. Ali is running in the Great Northern run next Sunday so didn't want to run too fast this weekend so we kept to a steady 8.30 pace and chatted our way through it, the miles flew by and it wasn't long before we were back in the city and heading down Marygate to meet up with Viv at the Grey Mare pub for a little refreshment. I was the only naughty one who had a pint,( and crisps ) the others are too disciplined to be tempted! We sat in the sunshine and nattered for a while before going our separate ways. It was lovely to go out and run with others on such a fine morning with our common Oggie goal, I couldn't have wished for better company and thoroughly enjoyed our run , a half marathon all told in 1.51.41.

Theres no doubt in my mind that this should be an annual event perhaps with just several meeting points where more of us can get together and run for fun, friendship and charity. Looking forward to hearing how run to the beat went and to reading the other reports of the day. I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did in York. A big well done to all who ran or walked either on your own or in groups today, there's been money raised for NASS great great feeling of unity and momentum generated amongst this community .

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