Please read it and then please run it!

Posted on: 01 Sep 2014

Morning all.

A new month upon us, the joys of Autumn running are afoot.  And, what's more, the Great Oggie Run 2014 is upon us.

You know the deal - it's our chance to run together, whether in person or metaphorically.  We all don a colour, and we all do what we can; run, walk, it doesn't matter.  There's some coordinated running; St Alban's and Maidenhead to name a couple.

And why?  Well, I guess the answer is the same in the first instance; because we can, because we love getting out and enjoying the fresh air and the wonderful views we can take for granted.  And 'taking for granted' is something that we are fortunate enough to be able to say.  So, as well as running for ourselves and for this fantastic community, we run for a cause.

Last year, we donned the orange and ran for NASS, inspired by our very own Bolty.  This year, we are donning smurf blue and running for Louie.

You can read more about him here.

And you can make a donation here.

We know that what we do this weekend will make us an even greater part of this fantastic community.  But we know that it can also make a difference to a truly worthwhile cause.  And what better reason than that could you ever require?

So, come on folks - get those daps laced up and run what you can having given what you can.


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