Posted on: 03 Sep 2013

Yes, folks.  What timing!  In the week of the Oggie Run in aid of NASS, our own (and, of course, NASS's own!) Berlin Bolt has his birthday.

Hopefully he won't shoot me for announcing it so publicly (well, Bolty, be careful what data you let Facebook have!).  If he comes after me, I certainly won't be able to run away anywhere near quickly enough.

So, from us all here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Come on, one and all.  What more inspiration could we possibly need?  If we did need any more, surely it was provided by Hollywood's call to arms yesterday!  Was I alone in wanting to find the nearest bit of tarmac and chew it up?  Well, Sunday is our time ladies and gentlemen.  

We continue to receive donations to the site, and continue to attract runners to the various events around the country.  I love seeing the comments as donations are made.  Many of you are bringing friends along to run or walk.  How cool is that?!  It's something that we should all be proud of, especially the legend that is Oggie, whose brainchild this all was.

Let's celebrate a BBB (Berlin Bolt Birthday) with an awesome run on Sunday.  Let's chat our way round our courses, revelling in the friendship that we have.


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