We run in exalted company...

Posted on: 05 Sep 2013

So, folks, we're getting to the action end now.  

Sorry for this being slightly brief, but it's the third time I've tried to upload it, having to retype each time.  I keep getting all my alter egos confused, you see...

Anyway, have a look at the latest spreadsheet that the Vin-mesiter has preprared.  If you're not on it, and would like to run/walk, please let him know.  There's still time.

It's here.


And whilst you're there, check out who's running the furthest away from dear old Blighty?  Yep, Tim.  He's Tania's brother, and is running in Afghanistan.  So when you are thinking about how hot it is, or how much of a hassle the day may be, spare a thought.  We run alongside one of the nation's finest, folks.  Be proud.

And the fundraising continues apace as well.  We're now at £710, with giftaid on top.  Now that deserves a "boom" for sure!

If you haven't donated yet, and are able to, it's here.


The clock's ticking, folks.  I see you standing like greyhounds in the slips...

Tick follows tock follows tick...

Onwards and upwards, on a yard, and the rest.....

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