No photo

Posted on: 10 Sep 2013

If you look really closely you will see that the image below is not actually a photograph, it is infact an extremely lifelike image of the York Oggie running group on Sunday morning.

I tried to be organised on Sunday and brought along my camera to the start line so that the Great Oggie Run could be documented in York. The four of us lined up in front of the minster bathed in sunshine , smiled nicely as a tourist took our picture. Twice just to make sure. 

But... yesterday I attempted to download the photos to my computer only to find that the bloody memory card wasn't in the camera. So, sadly no photographic evidence that shows Alaistair, Ali, Viv and myself glowing all in orange and happy before we set off, we have the great memories though and you'll have to pretend that this is a photo of us. Sorry Vin that you dont have a York picture for the Flikr page, we were there together though, honestly!

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