Stumping it up.

Posted on: 06 Oct 2014

Well, here we are again.  So soon after the Great Oggie Run, and another little fundraiser popped into someone's mind.  And here's the cunning thing - it doesn't even involve putting your trainers on.  Even more cunningly, it does involve wine.

As you will know, there's a fair posse of Buzzers taking to the streets of York and Snowdonia over the next couple of weeks.  As one who is running Snowdonia, Gloshawk thought it'd be good if there was a sweepstake.

So, here's the deal.

For £2.50 a guess, estimate the total time that the Buzzers will take to make it round (not to mention up and down) Snowdonia's route.  You know their approximate times well enough to not be told them again.  We need it in hours:mins:secs format.

The runners are (I think - please correct me if I have got it wrong) - HOBS, Jenny, Red Dave, Angus, Ali, Bolty, Rob, Gloshawk, Libby and our man himself, Oggie.

Please reply to this blog with your estimate of the time.  If there are any who can't run from that list, I will take 10% off your guess to save you having to guess again.

If you're not going to be in Snowdonia, please make your contribution to the same site as before.  If you're going to be in Snowdonia, by all means make the contribution that way too.  Alternatively, feel free to give it to me on the Saturday night and I will make a group-wide contribution.

Please, of course, feel free to have more than one guess.  It's all for a good cause!!


And the prize?  Well, all runners need some inspiration.  We all need something to make us turn for home with a spring in our step.  For me, it's often been Black Stump, a delicious red from Oz.  So, two bottles of that fine drop to the person closest to the time.  I'll bring 'em to Snowdon if the winner's there.  I'll arrange for them to be posted if the winner's not.

It's a winner takes all format.  Simples!

On a yard, and down the hatch with the Stump!

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