Parkrun No: 31 28/06/14

Posted on: 28 Jun 2014

Restful week following the Run Hackney Half last weekend. 

A photoshopped piccie of HWDave and myself with our medals:

Been attacking the WII EA Fitness a couple of times (concentrating on core exercises:  Leg raises, Crunch with Punches, Flutter Kicks, Reverse Crunches, Push-ups from Knees, Side arm planks to name most of them).

Parkrun in Dulwich today.  Felt pretty good and went out to attack my Dulwich PB of 32.01.  After setting a PB at St Albans of 30.41 I felt that there was a good chance of it going down.

Found a spot in the middle of the pack (bit unusual I grant you).  Set off a hint faster than normal but it felt okay.  Three wheelchair athletes in the Parkrun today including a young lad (think it was one of his first attempt).  Not sure he finished but there were a lot of ‘unknowns’ listed today.  Hope he did, he was doing a cracking job and it was nice to see the two older more experienced wheelchair racers go back to encourage him on once they’d finished.

At the first circuit point my time was shouted out as 9.45 (a very good time that).  On the second lap I spotted a ‘Run Hackney’ tee shirt up ahead and eventually caught it up, quick glance to confirm it was my little friend from the other day.  We exchanged breathless  greetings, but she seemed to be having a bad day today – she said it was hard work.  I quite like the ‘downhill’ bit so I confess I left her behind – after all I was chasing a PB!.  Kept waiting for her to pass me by but I actually beat her today!! 

My final time was 30.44 so a PB for Dulwich but not for St Albans missed it by 4 seconds.

Oh well, Inverness next week.

Just Giving Page for Help for Heroes 10k 13/07/14

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