Inverness Parkrun No: 32 05/07/14

Posted on: 15 Jul 2014

I’m tired!

Saturday 12th July: Just back from the Wedding/Holiday in Scotland and I’m shattered.  Clocked up 1400+ miles on the car thingy.  Ticked off the Parkrun in Inverness on the Saturday, wedding in the afternoon.  Then home via: Edinburgh, Seahouses (Farne Islands), Durham (via Hadrian’s Wall) and Lincoln.  Sorry for the language but I’m knackered.

I seem to be having a string of bad (ish) luck at the moment, worse instance was picking up the hire MPV which was a nightmare (Mum came along to pay for the hire but they would only accept payment from the driver (me) so we had to dash to Mum’s bank afterwards so she could arrange a fund transfer – which took over an hour to complete).  Thereafter the car performed superbly. 

Packing and unpacking the car at each stop seemed fraught but we got through it.  Full English breakfasts every morning were wonderful (even in Scotland).  Maybe not such a good idea just before the Parkrun though but I didn’t intend to forego that pleasure. 

Parkrun 32 in Inverness on Sat 5th July (Bught Park)

Assuming the later start (9.30am) has something to do with their weird light/dark times (it didn’t really get proper dark until really late while we were there but I’m assured in the winter it doesn’t get light until about 10am).  We’d had a recce the evening before but only really confirmed the park was where it was suppose to be.  Up early Saturday and down to breakfast about 7.45am.  Couldn’t resist the porridge followed by full English Breakfast so felt quite satisfied.  Left with about 25 mins to spare and a quick stroll along the side of the river to the start okay and along with about 20 others went to the side to be briefed.  The marshal seemed quite taken aback by the huge number and said it was usually only about 3 people!  Us Newbies were told the course was 3 laps anti-clockwise and to ensure we keep the red markers to our left and the white barriers to our right.  It was my first Parkrun almost entirely on grass (apart from the short crossing of the car park). 

As usual I’m most comfortable at the back of the pack and wasn’t surprised to see everyone rush off quickly. 

That's me in the Help for Heroes tee shirt at the start

I plodded along at my usual pace.  I felt alone pretty quickly but there were a couple other slow-coaches in my proximity. My hubby was busy taking photos (his first Parkrun) and after seeing me off on my first circuit, disappeared to take some snaps of the river.  The course kept very close to the edge of the park up and along between the tree line and the road by the River Ness, then across to the other side and keeping the big trees on the left it was a tight squeeze round the back and over tree the roots.  Then on and over towards the shinty park – around by the fence and then through by the football pitch, across the car park and back towards the start.   On my second circuit as I approached the tight squeeze by the trees I heard the thunder of feet and heavy breathing so I took the long way leaving space for the speedy ones to go through first and got a ‘thank you’ for my troubles (in my head I said “go get a PB” (and the results proved they did)). Hubby met me by the car park and then promptly vanished again.  On my third and final circuit I had been slowly gaining on a young slip of a girl but as I almost overtook her she seemed to get a spurt on and I’m afraid my full stomach wouldn’t let me go any faster. 

Nearly catching up with the slip of a girl, the river is on the right through the trees

But I had managed to pass a couple of others so I wasn’t last.  94/100 and in 32.24 so not my fastest but not my slowest either.  Managed a nice speedy finish and got complimented then looked around expectantly for Hubby – no sign of him, eventually saw him sauntering up looking slight confused. “Aren’t you suppose to be going round 3 times?” he asked.  “I have” I said, “and you missed my finish!”.  Once we’d established that he was wrong and I was right we went off to investigate the rest of the park and river side so got back to the hotel about 11am (not leaving as much time as originally planned to shower, hair wash, full make-up, nails, struggle into magic knickers, dress and put hair up before cab arrived at 1pm) but managed it okay.

Good news here was that I managed (with the help of the drawers) to squeeze into the size 14 dress I’d bought for the wedding, bad news was the size 16 designer dress I’d hired was too small.  Felt a million dollars but after looking at the photos I still looked like a blob. – A spotty blob.  But it was a size 14 blob and not an 18 so I didn’t care.

Daughter looked stunning in her designer dress.

That was the only training I managed to squeeze in. The rest of the time was spent either sightseeing, driving, eating and sleeping, oh and packing and unpacking the car).  Accidentally broke daughters ‘potion bottle’ she’d bought in Alnwick Castle (a Harry Potter souvenir).  Sat Nav tried to deliver us in the middle of Durham nowhere near our Premier Inn!  All the other negative things have thankfully been erased from my memory.

Getting the car back to Enterprise was another story but I won’t bore you with those details.  Needless to say I forgot they shut at 12pm on the Saturday and they only phoned me at 12:45pm to ask where it was!

Then Sunday was the 10k.  I'll post that one in a day or so.

Sorry I'm really behind with everyones news but I'll catch up over the next week or two.

Hope I haven't bored you too much.

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