Didn't we have a lov-er-ly time the day we went to Brighton?

Posted on: 15 Apr 2015

BM 10k “The loneliness of the 10k runner”

Brief Synopsis: Arrived early but not early enough to find Jane as hoped.  Headed over to start, waving cheerio to Hubby.  Started slowly as planned.  Didn’t manage to improve pace.  Thankfully most of route seemed to be in shade.  Lots of runners overtook me, lots of positive comments on my saucy t’shirt.  Very grateful to see the finish, hint of a sprint to complete.  Filled my goodie bag – Medal, t’shirt, Gatorade, Water, chocolate biscuit, savoury snack, space blanket.  Met hubby in the meeting place by the railway tracks.  Second Breakfast, Watched Elite men coming in.  Went back to the meeting area hoping to greet everyone as they emerged, but couldn’t find anyone in that dense mass of people!  Hobbled back to the finish line in time to see Emeile heading for the finish.  Gave her a shout-out but she was so focussed and looking so good, doubt she heard me.

Worse part of the day was getting back to the hotel – Travelodge by Preston Park – a very long painful walk. 

But it was great to be running again – shame that’s it until next month.  Back to the gym and must work harder.

PS.  Would be grateful if my legs could be returned please.  Thank you 

That's the back view

Didn’t we have a lov-er-ly time the day we went to Brighton!

Had fun at the expo but taken back by the prices of everything.  Hubby stuffed himself with all the free ‘food’ freebies.  I tried the beetroot stuff but decided it was an ‘acquired taste’.  I had a try of a citrus flavoured gel but that was gross too.  We did buy some new socks that have done us both proud (I couldn’t find the running socks Hubby had bought me for my Birthday).  Afterwards we found the coffee shop and joined the crowd. It was lovely meeting everyone in the flesh and putting real names and faces to monikers. 

Once we’d said our cheerios, we headed back to Preston Park via the beach, Lanes and dinner.  We also got some Krispy Kreme doughnuts for later.

Next morning we both seemed to be awake early (both had had a rough night).  So we admitted defeat and got up.  We enjoyed our first breakfast of a banana and a doughnut with our cup of tea and suddenly it was 8 o’clock and we headed over the road.  Considering it was so close it seemed to take a while to get there.  I kept looking out for Jane as she said they’d be there early but I couldn’t see her.  As the 10k was announced I headed over to the start and Alan disappeared back up the road as he wanted to get onto the route for photos.  I did spot him as he strolled past and he heard my shout and came across and stood with me with the barrier/fence between us until the klaxon went off.

Thoughts and observations along the way: Ooh shady, this road is a bit bumpy, there’s a bit of an incline here.  Two girls behind me talking “At least you don’t have to worry about your crowd problem here” didn’t’ hear the response at they’d gone too far in front of me!  An elderly gentleman on the side of the road being looked after by two volunteers, he was busy doing his shoelace up and one of the volunteers said “it’s only a graze, you should be alright”, so I guessed he may have tripped up and given his chin a little bash.  Plenty of “like the t’shirt” comments.  All of which made me smile. Observed the speedier leaders across a road.  Several times I touched my back pocket where my realbuzz carrot was hiding.  Wonder if those stiletto shoes where left there from last night or if someone tried to run in them? Was aware of seeing Hubby a couple of times and remember looking at my watch to see if the Marathon had got under way yet (first two times it hadn’t but the third time it was).  Then just as I was heading towards the sea front I heard that the elites were currently going around 5 something, something and thought WOW that’s faster than my fastest ever sprint!!  Cripes. 

Around about the 8km I felt the right heel twinge and the left Achilles replied (I ignored them, if they wanted to argue it didn’t need to involve me).  The water in little cups.  Liked the idea, not so good in practice.  1st time I nearly choked as I tried to drink and breath at the same time.  2nd time I spilt most of the contents down me (drink problem sweetie?!).  3rd time (just before I finished) I managed three mouthfuls without incident!  Yippee. 

As I hit the final ‘corner’ thingy (Switchback – thank you Jane) there was a chap on a loud speaker and he commented “Ooh there is someone running in their bikini – I’m so embarrassed I’ll look away!"  To which I emphasised my wiggle and heard a giggle behind me.  Then a fellow runner (female) went past and said “I’ve loved running behind you watching your bottom wiggling”.  That made me smile even more!

A little further on I thought “Oh look! There’s a chap that looks like Alan… Oh it is him!” (I forgot to mention, I was running without my glasses on!).  I had a few ‘flashbacks’ to Redhill along the beach but without the force 10 hurricane coming off the sea this time.  The burnt out pier was kinda sad, but it appears to be colonised by many seabirds so that’s a good thing, I think.  Wondered if the finish line was anywhere near the other pier which I could see in the distance along with the big wheel.  As I approached someone shouted “not much further, nearly there”, but I couldn’t see the finish!  Then suddenly it was there!  I spotted a lady in pink that had been walking a little bit earlier so I went as fast as I was able and I think I may have passed her, but I only had eyes for that finish line. 

I immediately started worrying about my foot so tried not to stop too long but ducked my head to be awarded my medal.  Then grabbed my t’shirt then was given an empty bag but then all was revealed as I was able to grab water, Gatorade, chocky bars etc etc and started filling it up.  Then did stop for a photo at the booth.  A volunteer came running out of the trucks and stopped the lady in front of me with her bag – she’d forgotten and the volunteer said it was a good thing she’s spotted her!  Now that’s service!

I did take a moment to open the bottle of Gatorade and proceeded down past the trucks and was thinking – hells bells it’s gonna be a long track back up the other end to meet up with hubby.  Just as I crossed over the railway lines he appeared in front of me with my bag and a helping hand.  (I’d started limping by this stage and the pain was setting in).  So after posing on the beach for a couple of photos I put my new t’shirt on and my jacket, swallowed a couple of painkillers (thanks for the hint Vin) and off we went for breakfast.

So second breakfast in a seaside café under an umbrella with a cup of tea, listening to the commentary, was a definite highlight.

After that we went to watch the elite men finish (I screamed my head off).  Then we made our way up onto the top level to watch the hoi pollie go past – saw a little Irish chap wearing a gnome hat and a sort of mini kilt and a giraffe, also a firefighter in full regalia including his oxygen tank! 

I then realised that standing still was actually extremely painful so we made our way back down to the lower level and on the spur of the moment took a ride on the big wheel.  It was brilliant – had a capsule to ourselves and spectacular views all round  After that we made our way back to the meeting place with the intention of waiting until the buzz crowd emerged in triumph.  But after an hour and half (Alan slept and got sunburnt on his forehead) my bottom had got quite numb on the pebbles, we decided that it would be impossible to spot anyone in that dense crowd.  Had a terrible time getting back onto my feet (at one point I found myself doing a ‘plank’) but could only get up with help!

Struggled (and I mean that) back along the boardwalk and back past the finish line and eventually found a space on the barrier along the straight.  The app told us that Emelie was about 10mins away, so we hung on.  (I was standing on one leg for most of the time).  I got very excited when I spotted Em and shouted my head off, but she was so focussed on the target ahead, I doubt she heard me screaming at her.  I did feel a bit ashamed of myself when I watched the state of some of the finishers but I stand by my decision.  I want my first marathon to be something I enjoy, not something I vow never to do again.







After that highlight, we made our way to Pizzaland, and after dinner, the long walk back to Preston Park.  Longest most painful walk but (despite a wrong turning which added an extra 10mins onto the journey) we got there in the end.  Shower, tea, biscuits and bed.

Exchanged texts with Marc, hopefully will see everyone again in May for the St Albans get-together.

Sidenote:  As part of my non-running training I have recently managed 42.2km on the bike in the gym – but it took me 89mins. Boy was my behind sore!

(If you are still reading this you deserve a medal).

PS Kat reminded me to add my steps for next months WYASO.  Haven’t worked them out yet but I will   https://www.ghc.edu/committees/wellness/conversion.pdf

PPS. I’ve just registered for BM2016 and have created a RealBuzzers group if anyone is interested.

Thank you for reading and well done to everyone running





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