10k Help for Heroes Run 13/07/14

Posted on: 17 Jul 2014

Sunday 13th July:  10k Help for Heroes Run.  Travelled up to London with Hubby and we separated at Oxford Circus.  Found my way to the HfH’s start (down a little side alley, then discovered I had been waiting in the queue for the loo for the last 10 mins so extracted myself and strolled up to the top end of the road. 

Attempted to take a ‘selfie’ but I don’t have one of those posh phones with a forward facing camera so it’s a bit hit and miss. 

Smiles at the start!

Saw nothing of the parade, joined in the occasional applauding along with everyone else though. Exchanged texts with HWD, oh which reminds me, Hubby left his phone on charge at home, so we had to make arrangements to meet after the race.  He was concerned that roads would be barricaded so said that we’d meet at the Guards Memorial opposite Horse Guards parade until 11.30am.  Then back-up would be Victoria Station (no time agreed).  It felt good to have someone to ‘talk’ to.  Not so lonely standing there knowing HWD was nearby and eager for the off too.

We all moved around into Piccadilly and listened to the speech from the founder and I shed a tear or two for Toby.  (I had responded to an earlier twitter asking why we were running today, my response was simply “for those that can’t”.  So I constantly thought of Toby on my run as he had expressed the wish to run but being immobile from the neck down he was unable too, following a second tour in Afghanistan and a bullet in the neck).

The Army Wives sung their hearts out and suddenly we were off.  Everyone seemed to be whizzing past me but I wanted to attempt to run the whole course and not have to resort to walking. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t really see much of the sights, spent most of the time looking at the ground and trying to avoid getting in peoples way.  No sign of Dave at any point but I knew he was there which was enough for me.  I was charmed by the gentleman in the first world war uniform marching the route (I heard someone say to him as they passed “Glad to see you’ve polished your brasses”) and I witnessed one of the blade runners changing his ‘leg’ on the embankment.  Apart from that: lots of people in Tutu’s, big puddles, lots of noise, shouts of “Oggie, Oggie, Oggie” in both tunnels Big Ben and a lovely old double decker red  bus.  Remember begin passed by a couple of tigers – the girl had taken her top half off as she must have been very hot.  (Wonder if it was Baylie?)

Had my first walk just after the 6km sign and a long drink of water (I had been carrying my spare water pouch I’d saved from the Hackney Half).  Not sure if it was the humidity but I had started to find it difficult to breath and as a consequence had felt a touch of nausea.  So I thought a walk and a drink of water would help.  – It did thankfully.   Had a couple more walks after that but can’t recall exactly when.

On my way from Victoria Street back to Parliament Square I spotted the back of my Hubby so tapped him on the shoulder and told him he was looking the wrong way.  He was surprised he’d missed me but we exchanged a quick ‘peck’ and I headed off towards Whitehall and the finish.

I did manage to increase my speed a hint as I approached the finish line but I really wasn’t feeling my best. (Guess I took things for granted and should have trained more).  Once through the finish I had a peek at my phone and there was a text from Dave to confirm he’d finished about 20mins previously and that he’d waited but had had to dash off.

The baggage collection was pretty disorganised and took over an hour to get my goodies and my bag.  I heard one chap say “It was quicker running the race than getting my bag!”.  The medal is fabulous though

Sorry it's a bit blurry! 

but the tee shirt is a hint to small but hopefully I’ll shrink into it.  Worst was that I’d missed my hubby.  Spent so long getting my goodies he’d given up on me and gone home. Although he told me he’d waited until 11:45 so I missed him by about 10 minutes!  As a consequence - no photo with my medal.  (He has since photoshop’d a piccie of me with my medal), so I forgave him for abandoning me.  

Horse Guards Parade 'photo' the other one is in front of Big Ben - I've put that one on Facebook.

Oh I nearly forgot! As I was strolling through St James Park toward Victoria Station, a Police Lady coming towards me smiled and said “Well Done”.  Really cheered me up and put a spring in my step.

On a positive note: Managed to raise my minimum of £150 so thank you to those that sponsored me.  And at my weigh in on Monday morning – I was the exact same weight as when I left for the break so all those yummy breakfasts on the road hadn’t made a dent.

I will be registering for next year’s Gt British London 10k for Help for Heroes and will try to spend more time looking around rather than at the ground.  I had been a little disappointed with my time of 01:16:33 so I want to better it.  But it’s still a 10k PB.

Additionally, I think I’ve found a Half Marathon to have a go at, it’s called PoppyHalf and it takes place in Bexhill-on-Sea in November (a nice cold, wet and windy one on the sea front) in connection with British Legion – it’s on the Saturday before remembrance Sunday.  Hope I’m not too late to register for it.

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