Week 6 and Parkrun 38

Posted on: 30 Aug 2014

Sunday was a 6 miles slow – went round Crystal Palace park thinking of Gerry most of the time.  (Wearing my orange top in support).  May have been slow but still a hot and sweaty session.

Tuesday: 4 miles plus the fast/slow strides.  Runkeeper lost track of me at the top of the hill and never found me again so they didn’t happen this week.  Going round the lake was a bit like running in a rainforest getting dripped on from the heavy wet foliage

Thursday: 5 miles in total – 1 slow, 3 ‘fast’, 1 slow.  Back to the normal start time at work of 1pm so I had a luxurious lie-in before heading out at 9am!!  Actually quite enjoyed this one.  Tried hard but not exhaustingly hard.  Splits ended up faster than recommended so very pleased with that.  Although I likened it to running in a Turkish Bath! 

Saturday: 5 miles steady.  Parkrun 38 instead.  Went to visit Vin at Bromley (decided I’m not a good tourist, feel ‘uncomfortable’ in new parkruns, I like familiarity).  Met his adorable doggie Lulu (rescue dog from Last Chance), she is soooo sweet and it was her first Parkrun!  As it was their anniversary they’d decided to start from the other end of the park and run in the opposite direction, so I wasn’t the only one to find it unfamiliar!  Considering it’s on the flat I found it quite hard going, probably because so much is on the grass (my last grass Parkrun I managed 32:24).  This time it was a round 32:00.  I’m going to make excuses of: Warm Sun and a lot of other runners, 515 to be exact so there was a certain amount of ‘jostling’ at the start but once we spread out it was much improved.  I came in 405th and 15/22 in my age category.  Nice chatting with Vin at the finish (once he’d got a drink of water for Lulu), she appeared to have enjoyed herself and seemed to want to go again.  I will probably enjoy it more the next time I go there (but not if it’s wet).

Tomorrow is scheduled to be 10 miles. Plus my two want to go out in the afternoon for a wander round Westfield finishing off with the cinema (hope I don’t fall asleep!).

(Ankle/Calf isn’t being too naughty – been practising the recommended stretching and walking warm-up before each run – but still have an appointment next Saturday to get it looked over – can’t be too careful).

Stay safe everyone x

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