Progress to date including Parkrun 37

Posted on: 23 Aug 2014

Tuesday: “Keep this run slow, there is no reason to push the pace. Try to run on soft surfaces and vary the terrain of your runs” TICK. 

Decided to stick to the lower slopes of Crystal Palace Park again, but I did figure of 8’s to make a change.  Also had a run on the grass instead of the track.  Took it slow as suggested so total time out was roughly 50mins so very slow.  Have to confess every step felt like hard work though, became aware of heel again, thankfully not painful.

Thursday:  4 miles plus the 20sec sprints x 4.  Managed to get out nice and early for this one – 6.20am so surprised a fox in the park – gave me a very funny look.  Didn’t see anyone else until about 15mins after, lovely in the sunshine.  Did see some magpies, seagulls, crows, wood pigeons, heard the parakeets and saw the Heron, twice!  Rubbish photo:

The little grey blob in the middle of the photo is the Heron!

Runkeeper completely went on the fritz so my split times were all over the place, but I went for it all 4 times (Zombies wouldn’t have stood a chance!).

Saturday: 4 miles, same as before, keep it slow and vary the surfaces.  But it’s Parkrun day.  Took Robs advice re heel and walked around the park to the start.  The council are currently digging up the park and pathways sorting out the constant flooding so today and for the next few weeks the Parkrun is being run in reverse to avoid a bottleneck at the start (all spread out at the finish so not an issue).  4 wheelchair racers today.  Took the first lap steady and tried to increase my pace thereafter – strange doing it the wrong way round but saw the park from a different angle, also kept mainly to the middle of the path as its flatter - not noticed before but the side I generally run on had a gradiant to the bridleway.  The finish wasn’t up the incline but down and round the bend so wasn’t able to sprint my fastest but managed a quicker pace.  Kicked myself later though:  Time today was 30:47, checked and my Dulwich pb is 30:44 so missed it by a few seconds! 

Long slow 6 miles tomorrow and sleep in on Monday.  Happy Bank Holiday everyone.  

Special warm thoughts to Gerry (go go go).  I'm off to look on facebook and check on the link that Kat's just posted.

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