Anyone for a Training Programme?

Posted on: 06 Aug 2014

So terribly behind with my blogging I thought I’d try something different.

I like training programmes, lost without them.  First one I found was from the Virgin Marathon website.  It was a beginner one and as I knew nothing, I pretty much took it as it came.  For a short while I felt improvement then the tiredness and the feeling of regression started and a twitter contact (personal trainer and sports therapist) took a look at the programme and suggested it was too intense and to add more rest days.  Which worked.  But then once I got my ‘no thank you’ letter from Virgin, I signed up for the Silverstone Half Marathon instead.  So ditched the Virgin Marathon programme in favour of the RealBuzz Intermediate Half Marathon supplied by the Children’s Air Ambulance (who I’d agreed to run for). 

That programme worked really well, but I hadn’t quite appreciated the importance of working out a proper ‘start date’ to ensure finishing at the right time.  I followed the programme and discovered that I’d finished about 3 weeks before the actual race!  But I did finish so a big tick for that one.

Then I signed up for the Hackney Half and the Gt British 10k London.  As part of the 10k I got offered a free programme from RunCoach, so signed up and got my electronic updates each week.  Followed it reasonably well (but often ignored the Saturday offering in favour of Parkrun).  With the emphasis on Cross Training and not so much running.  I found my pace improved for the parkruns (four PB’s on the trot) but I lost a lot of stamina.

Wasn’t too happy with my performance on either of those races but at least I finished.

So onto the next one.  I had signed up to Runkeeper some time ago but have only just investigated their free programmes.  I have signed up for one of their 16 week Half Marathon programmes (put in the details of your race and it works out your start date – ideal for me!)  Bit disheartened to discover I’d actually missed two weeks already but was able to jump in without too many problems.  So far, so good.  Four runs scheduled each week with three rest days.  I’m liking the Tuesday session: run 4 miles as one interval followed by short 20 second intervals as fast as you can (95% effort) with 2 min recovery x 5), it’s quite a challenge at the end of the run but I’m loving it!

The proof, of course will be in the pudding come race day in November so we’ll see.  Shortly after that, I’ll be starting the training for Brighton!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.  PS: Will anyone be able to pick me up from the station about 8.25am pretty pretty please?

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