What a Mistake-a to Make-a

Posted on: 20 Jan 2015

Okay I made a boob.  After the Bexhill Half in November, I felt tired and disappointed in my performance (I felt I had walked far too much).  So decided I'd have a little break to re-charge the batteries.  The two park runs (numbers 48 and 49) proved that is wasn't a good idea to only run once a week but I thought it'd be okay to wait until after Christmas had finished before getting stuck into the Brighton programme. 

Unfortunately, Hubby caught the mutated flu that was going around and obviously I caught it too. So the program was punched soundly in the stomach and body slammed to the ground.  Very soundly smashed.  I blamed it entirely on the fact I'd stopped running.  I developed the most horrendous cough which sounded like I was on 100 cigarettes a day with mucus to match!  It was a sad Christmas dinner with no sense of smell. 

Subsequently I haven't been able to start my training for Brighton until last week.  My four little recovery runs last week were really quite tough considering they were only 30 mins each (except Sunday when I tried to go a bit further and attempted Crystal Palace Hill).  Yet the hardest part was getting out the door for the first time in over 4 weeks. 

So today I went back to Alexander Recreation Park and had a go at a modified Day 17.  3 miles with 5 x 20 seconds fasts with a 2min slow.  I'll see how it goes from there. 

Have to concentrate on building up my stamina as I have the Winter Run 10k on Feb 1st.  Then I want to try to get back some speed for my 50th Parkrun currently planned for 28th Feb.  That's followed by Brighton.  Currently haven't really got that one planned yet, but Hubby suggested trying it in batches of 30mins run, 15min walk and see how I get on, but I'll need to try that on a Sunday run first to see if is a workable idea. 

Anyone yet know how many Buzzers will be attending Brighton yet?   

Good luck to everyone and well done to all that have managed to brave the icy conditions of late. 

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