Camden to Penge - Tick

Posted on: 17 Aug 2014

I did it!

I had a little adventure back in July that I forgot to mention. 

I finally succeeded in getting home from work, totally under my own steam: 10.43 miles in 2:30:00hrs.

Set off from Camden at 5:30pm.  It was very hot so I stuck to the shady side of the street whenever I could. Up past Euston station towards Holborn and the Strand.  Then onto Waterloo.  I do remember overtaking a lass on her scooter going over Waterloo Bridge, but I think she got stuck behind some commuters who got in her way.  I lost her in the underpass at Waterloo.

Had my first proper walk at Elephant & Castle, just before the 4 mile mark, so basically managed a parkrun.  Camberwell Rd seemed to go on forever, then suddenly Denmark Hill and Kings College Hospital.  After that it started to go uphill all the way to Dulwich and uphill to Crystal Palace.  Noted that the sun was no longer hot and was in fact making it’s way down!  How long had I been at it? 

With great relief I finally got to the top of the hill and cut through into Crystal Palace park underneath the transmitter.  All downhill to Penge thereafter.

An awful lot of walking, especially up hill.  BUT I didn’t get lost this time.  Arrived home at 8pm totally shattered, ended up having a huge bowl of cereal for dinner as couldn’t face anything hot.  So that’s my time to beat next time I try it.

Not something to attempt in the winter months – bit scary in the dark.

My wake-up call.  Realised that any stamina I had has now officially gone and will need to train hard to get it back before next half marathon in November.  

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