Training Update/Progress

Posted on: 17 Aug 2014

Training is progressing at a reasonable rate.  Not sure how much more of this pace I’ll be able to keep up but so far so good.

Runkeeper app has a bit of a flaw in that when running it will only give you an average pace for your current session regardless of ‘intervals’.  But I quite like not knowing for sure and only having a vague idea until I get home to review the computer splits, then I know if I had been successful in my estimation.

Recommended  Runkeeper       My interpretation:
Slow                  12:10-12:20mi   Able to breath okay, not too taxing (feels slow)

Steady               11:19-11:40mi    Breathing laboured but not knackering (Parkrun Pace)

Fast Long           11:10-11:30mi    Breathing hard bit challenging but not a killer

Fast short          10:45-11:00mi    Breathing hard – bit wheezy, gasping for breath!

Fast (Interval)    95%                   Run like you’re being chased by Zombies!

So far my interpretations have been okay so I’ll see how it goes.  The recent fast short was a killer, really didn’t think I was going to make it round alive but somehow managed it. 

Last Sunday had me out running in the downpour, quite liked it truth be told, just didn’t like wet feet.  Dried off once the sun came out.  That was a steady 7 miles but as I had a hill to negotiate the mile splits averaged out (up v down) so that one got a tick.

This Saturday had a 4 miler on slow scheduled but I do like a Parkrun so I jogged the long way round slowly to the start of the Parkrun – just under a mile – paused runkeeper until the start.  Ran the Parkrun – Head said “go slow”  heart said “go for it”  averaged out at 31:31 – not a PB but the best I’ve done in Dulwich for a while then stopped runkeeper at the end.  Overall the 4 miles took: 42:42.  So I guess heart won that one.  In the afternoon Hubby and myself went to visit the Tower of London’s “Blood swept lands and seas of red” installation.  It’s totally amazing.  We’re thinking of going back towards the end to see the difference. 

Small snapshot of growing array of the ceramic poppies - totally stunning!

Oh changing the subject.  Last week’s Parkrun in St Albans turned out to be my 1 year anniversary and it passed me by!  Still celebrated it in style!

Today (Sunday) was 8 miles (4 miles steady, 3 miles Fast Long, 1 mile steady).  Headed over to Crystal Palace Park.  So 2 miles were up the hilll and 2 miles down so they evened out.  Three Fast Long miles were a struggle (round and round the lower half) but computer said okay 11:19mi for two of the three (had a comfort break at the end of the 4 mile but runkeeper didn’t  ‘pause’ so mucked my times up for mile 5 but I think it was okay – not going to stress over it). 

Next Sunday’s long run is scheduled for 6 miles as “This long run is shorter to allow you to absorb the past training and get ready for the big training weeks ahead”  How considerate!

Let’s hope I survive!  

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