London Winter Run 10k (sorry it's so late)

Posted on: 24 Feb 2015

Better late than never! (no excuse – I’d just started this on my hubby’s laptop and I seldom get to use it now I have my own).

Sasha’s report on the run was spot on.  I even started in the later batch just like her!

Hubby and myself got there with some time to spare so we walked around to the start and I got a text from Sacha to say where she and her sister were.  After a quick consultation with Hubby, texted her to tell her where we were standing and within a short time they appeared.  She told me that she wasn’t sure how she was going to recognise me but said I looked exactly as my profile picture, so that helped!

After hugs and photos she went off to her start and I followed shortly after. 

Sacha and me

There was a convenient (and I thought a good idea) drop-off place for old gear, so you could discard your tops and in some cases, leggings before warm-up and start.  After checking my pockets I ‘dropped’ my outer jacket off and joined the general rabble.  About this time I exchanged a couple of texts with Hollywood who gave me the usual encouragement (always a comfort to know you are at the end of the phone willing us on).  Just like Sacha, I was surprised to be stopped just before the start and then had to go through the warm-up again but we got off and I set off at a nice steady (very slow) pace. 

Just a general photo of one of the starts

Got overtaken by loads of quick runners but I stuck to my plan.  All I wanted to achieve was a complete run from start to finish, without having to resort to a walk – after all it was only 10k!

Another objective was to enjoy to sights as I’d had my head down most of the last time I ran in London and didn’t really see anything! 

Spied a new memorial along the embankment and Hubby said we can go back in a few weeks to have a look.  London Eye looked impressive as did the Shard (both across the water).  I agree with Sacha, the tunnels were a bit disappointing, had expected something more exciting.  But the projections were a distraction from the echoing footfalls of those around me.  Recall wondering “are the shadows bigger the nearer you are to the projector or smaller?”

I thought the cheerleaders where brilliant – giving it their all as I went past and still going strong on the way back – well done them!

There was a hopeful looking vicar standing outside his church – wasn’t sure if he was waiting for his parishioners to fight their way through all the road closures or if he was simply ‘praying for our souls’ as we all ran / staggered past him!

I also saw a couple of ‘frosty’s’ (from Frozen – wearing their ‘ones’es) and I was also impressed by the gentleman wearing a see-through red ‘baby-doll’ nightie with white ‘furry’ edging – he must have been ‘froze through ta’ marrow!’ (Have no idea – I only saw him from the back)

Only had one moment when I was sorely tempted to walk but I managed to ignore it – even managed to grab a bottle of water and have a little drinkie without having to walk – I did slow down though.  I also kept my pace down to a minimum – as soon as I felt my breath getting harder – I slowed my pace – but it has a tendency to increase when I’m not looking!

I liked the snow machines – quite a neat experience running through the ‘snow’. 

Was quite happy to see the finish and managed to have a little run – actually overtook a couple of runners so that cheered me up! 

Here I come... (Saucy t'shirt that Hubby hates)

There I go.. (putting on a spurt)

Loved the polar bears and as I got through to Whitehall, managed to secure my Polar Bear Hug, grabbed my medal and then somehow managed to locate Hubby. 

We went back so he could take a photo of me with a bear – Think Hollywood should get a job here next year – everyone would be queuing up for his hugs!

Just after my Polar Bear Hug

The cold got to me pretty quickly after I’d finished despite the sun trying to shine and I was thankful for my jacket – but I wish I’d packed a warmer one and a pair of trousers would have been useful too! 

Feeling chuffed in photo 1, then Hubby says "You really look dreadful" adding quickly after he saw my jaw drop "in that horrid tee shirt!"

After having a final look around we headed back to Victoria Station were we enjoyed a hot chocolate and a cinnamon Danish in Starbucks then caught the train home.

Didn’t take us long to crash out once we’d got home.  Think we both woke up about 4pm!! 

Enjoyed the experience so much I’ve registered for next year so that 2016’s calendar started.

Oh and my time – I managed to trim about 4 minutes off my previous London 10k so I was over the moon.

Next challenge is my 50th Parkrun.  No longer bothered if I sub 30 I just don’t want to disgrace myself so far I’ve managed to run 6 x 5k’s in my local park – seem to be averaging about 31-2 mins so hopefully come Saturday it won’t be too bad!

Oh and the other news – I’ve put my name down for the VLM volunteers – through my Parkrun, we should be at the bag drop in Greenwich and hopefully Vin will be there too!

That’s about all for now.  Good and Happy Running/walking/weight training/push-ups/planking etc. etc. etc.

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