... Not Brighton this year

Posted on: 27 Feb 2015

On the advice from the Therapist I've deferred Brighton Marathon (but he said the 10k would be okay - at least that's how I interpreted what he said).  So I'm registered for the 10k and will be there for the weekend to support everyone else. (Hoping to bring some sweeties).

Can't begin to tell you what he said the problem with my heel / ankle / lower leg is but all three things ended with 'itus' and he used the word 'inflamed' a lot.  Basically told me that I'd done too much too soon following my Christmas flu and he added that 6 weeks is too soon to expect it to be ready for a marathon - adding that I would be in agony.  As I want my first marathon to be a positive experience, something to be enjoyed not endured I've deferred.  He did say there was no reason I couldn't do one later in the year though, so I'm open to suggestions...

If all goes according to plan I'll be joining the gym next week so I'll be cycling and rowing but no running - but he did say I could still complete my Parkrun tomorrow just have to ice my foot afterwards.

Oh well..  onwards and upwards.

PS I love love love my golden carrot, its brilliant!  Thank you Angus xx

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