Feeling bloody marvelous!

Posted on: 09 Feb 2007

Well, I did it and now I feel bloody marvelous (see this mornings post below)

Went out this evening for a run along the Prom with my running buddy Barbara. I thought I'd like to try a slow 3-4 miles, to ease myself back in gently after dreaded lurgy but, despite the cold and pouring rain, it felt that good that we got just kept going and did 6 miles in 54mins. Not bad considering I haven't run for a week and we'd gossiped all the way round!

I did have a bit of a coughing fit  and felt very cold  once we'd stopped but after a hot shower and food I feel great and think it's definitely done me the power good, in fact can feel a reward coming on...........nice glass of red wine and a creme egg me thinks!

Gym tomorrow for bodypump and stretch class to set me up nicely for 12 miler on Sunday (postponed from last week).

Happy training everyone x

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