St Albans Parkrun 35

Posted on: 09 Aug 2014

What a simply brilliant morning! Sun shining, blue skies, trains worked well and I arrived at St Albans station and just saw Marc pulling up. Confirmed that HWD would be able to make it too.

As we arrived at the park I immediately spotted a red double pushchair “Twins” I shouted excitedly so Marc manoeuvred the car towards it and there was Vin and Nat with the RealBuzz Twins – words can’t describe their cute gorgeousness but they really are sooo sweet.

Then Mark and Jane showed up and when back from a quick loo break (thankfully open this time) HWD and Tanya had also arrived.

Mark made his way to the back of the pack but I hung around with Vin and the others.  All lined up together, before long  the new slim-lined Hollywood lead us off with his usual battle cry of CHHAARGE (possibly Marc joined the cry too) and we buzzers dutifully followed our leaders into the battle of the 5k parkrun.  They all disappeared leaving Vin and myself to follow along behind (I lost Tanya pretty quickly too). 

Discovered that I can’t run and talk at the same time although Vin has no problems.  “Will”, breath, ”you”, breath, ”be”, breath, “going”, breath, “back”, breath” well you get the picture!  Thankfully he’s also got a lot of patience!  Took it gently down to the lake (Vin had to sidestep a dog, good practice for his football me thinks).  Then as we carried on around, he spotted HWD across the other side of the lake and they exchanged a cry of ‘CHARGE’ which seemed to make those around us smile.  The lake extension was pretty small (the puddle) this time so we managed to get through fairly dry (no death defying wall sprinting or detours around the trees this time).  At the 1 mile mark Vin’s device let him know and he took off at a faster pace – warm-up complete.  What did I notice after that?  Um..  The baby swan is now huge, someone taking photos, wondered if they were for the Parkrun website and it felt harder to run on the sunny side of the lake.

As I approached the end of the final lap I noticed a lady heading off for her third lap and panic set in – had I gone round three times or was it just twice?  But I had counted correctly – she did appear to be on her own, so I turned right with everyone else I’d been following and headed up the short incline/hill too.  As I was tiring along the straight I spotted HWD heading towards me.  Then Marc appeared and between the two I managed the home run.  Got past one lady but just couldn’t beat the second.  Marc alongside me the whole time shouting encouragement.  Brilliant.

Safely ‘home’ I looked around but both HWD and Marc had vanished.  HWD had gone back for Mark and before long we were applauding him through – what a wonderful finish!   

Once gathered back at the café we all admired the twins some more and they got their HWD hugs.  Finally the times came through – mixture of elation and disappointment – didn’t manage the elusive sub 30 but had chipped away at my best time by 13 seconds.  So PB now stands at: 30:28. 

There are some super photos around on-line, but one of my favourites is below:

Am hoping to visit Vin’s local Parkrun in Bromley on 30th August for their 5th anniversary.

Congratulations to everyone who managed a run today whether it was 3 minutes or 50 miles, well done you.

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