I run therefore I am

Posted on: 29 Sep 2015

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who took the time to read by posts and even comment , I really appreciate it even if I think I am not really saying that much ! More importantly , for me it feels like 'we are all in it together' as far as running goes and I think only we can truly appreciate the effort and everything else that goes into our running. 

We spent the weekend in sunny Great Yarmouth and what a lovely weekend it was  , sun sea and sand , ice cream and other naughty things ! I think I have visited Great Yarmouth every year for as long as I can remember , I don't quite know what it is that draws us back every year but it is so familiar and we do the same things every time , tea by the beach in the morning , a stroll into town stopping at all the shops and stalls , then we head back to the promenade , Joyland and the Pleasure Beach for the rides and so on and maybe even take in a movie at the old cinema. We love it :) Big bonus this time was spotting one of the actual Batmobiles and the BatBoat used in the movies , on display outside the Hollywood Cinema near the pier . Our Billy had the biggest smile on his face as you can see in this picture. It certainly drew a big crowd .

In the early hours of Monday morning Tracy and I were stood in the back garden staring at the blood moon . I can't remember ever seeing the stars so bright or so many of them, it really was an incredible sight and something you just cannot appreciate in picture or film. The boys' Rabbit looked a bit confused seeing us in the garden at such an odd hour ! 

Of course there was little chance for running at the weekend so by Mondaynight I was chomping at the bit and as soon as I got in from work I threw on the gear and went out for a couple of speedy laps just to see how the legs felt . Only 2 miles but completed in 15 minutes then plenty of stretching . Feeling pleased with that effort I got myself to bed early and was up around 5am this morning to give myself time to wake up and get some miles in before work. I ran through town and back , in the dark with moon full and bright once again . I passed the gym in town and noted a few eager souls on the treadmill thinking I would rather be out on the road , much more to see and I love running down the hill for home with the sun rising over the houses and the birds whistling away in the trees . Brilliant . Just under 5 miles and a good test for my fitness . All seems good so I am going to step it up a bit on Thursday morning and then aim for close to double figures on Sunday because the one thing I am missing is endurance. I am so pleased to be fit to run again , it is good for me and my state of mind and I love it :)

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